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Millionaire Gallery Charity Auction Ideas FAQs
Who is Millionaire Gallery?

Millionaire Gallery's Charity Fundraising Division has been the leader in supplying the best in Authentic Sports, Entertainment, and Historical collectibles to charitable and non-profit organizations worldwide for more than 25 years, helping them fundraise via charity auctions, golf outings, dinners, benefits, and galas. Our unique and proven method of offering the charity a program at zero risk to them has raised millions for more than a thousand charities globally,
exceeding their fundraising goals beyond all expectations.


What does 100% No Risk actually mean?

  • No Risk means absolutely NO RISK whatsoever to you or your charitable organization. 
  • Millionaire Gallery Charity Fundraising supplies all authentic celebrity memorabilia for your silent auction, live auction or raffle on a consignment basis.
  • If any of the items happen to not sell, simply send them back to us.  Absolutely No Risk to you.
  • Our Fundraising items are consigned to your charity way below their retail value, typically selling at auction for 2 to 3 times normal value equating to Huge Profits for your event. We will also provide you bid sheets each with a suggested minimum bid (MB) price above that consignment cost to ensure that your charitable event maximizes funds by selling all of the items offered for bidding.
  • All funds raised over and above our minimal consignment fee is 100% PROFIT for your organization!

    No Middlemen - Buy From The Source and Save

Are There Any Initial Fees?
  • There are  NO Initial Fees (besides a minimal shipping charge) to get started with your charity auction, just choose your items from our Top Charity Fundraising Gallery and our experienced staff will take it from there.  If you need help, we can even assist you with proven charity fundraising methods that are sure to help your event to be a huge success.

Why Should We Choose Millionaire Gallery For Our Charity Auction Fund Raising Needs?
  • Millionaire Gallery Charity Fundraising is the number one producer of beautifully framed golf and hollywood memorabilia.  We are the source, meaning we can offer our authentic Charity Fundraising items at the lowest possible consignment cost anywhere.  We Eliminate the Middleman guaranteeing more $$ for your charity.
  • All items are 100% Authentic and each piece is accompanied by Millionaire Gallery's documented Certificates of Authenticity, a symbol of excellence in the industry.
  • Millionaire Gallery Charity Fundraising items and auction ideas are attractive with their strong presentation, adding a wonderful ambiance and uniqueness to your event.  Our vast selection includes authentic autographed memorabilia from all the biggest Hollywood actors and actresses, famed artists, musicians, historic figures, and sports such as  Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Tiger Wood, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali, The Beatles, Dale Earnhardt, LeRoy Neiman, and so many more...
  • Our Consignment Program has proven time and time again to be successful at bringing out the "Impulse Purchase" desire in charity event attendees, which is a very powerful sales effect.
  • We have over 25 years experience helping Charitable Organizations like Cure for Paralysis, the Children’s Miracle Network, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis, and The Boys & Girls Club of America reach and even exceed their fundraising goals 2-3 times their expectations.

    Quality Service - Proven Results

How Does The Millionaire Gallery Charity Fundraising Consignment Program Work?
  • Very Simple!  We will provide you with beautifully framed unique memorabilia that your attendees have never seen before with a Consignment Price on each piece.  The Consignment Price is the charities' price if the piece sells.  Charities generally begin the bidding on each piece at this consignment price, which is low enough to encourage bidders.  Once other people see that a particular piece is receiving multiple bids, they get interested and think they are missing out on something and will often join in on the bidding.  The Charity then receives 100% of the bidding price above the consignment price.   EXAMPLE:  An autographed piece has a consignment price of just $250 and ultimately sells for $900.  The charity keeps $650 and only the $250 goes to Millionaire Gallery.  It is not uncommon for our items to sell for 2-3 times their consignment cost.

  • In some cases, it is recommended that the charity add, say, 10% on top of their consignment cost to ensure that they maximize their fundraising efforts on every item, even those that only sell for the minimum bid.

    Why Go Anywhere Else?

Do You Accept All Charitable Events?  All charities are welcome to participate.  NO CHARITABLE CAUSE IS TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE FOR US TO HANDLE.  We've done everything from 100-5,000 person events.  No matter what the logistics of your charity event are, give us a call today to hear more about how we might help.

How Do We Get Started?
  • To get started either contact one of our Charity Fundraising Specialists toll free at 888-446-5757 or simply Click Here and follow the instructions, pick out your pieces and get started today. There are NO upfront costs to the charity (besides a minimal shipping charge), just choose your Charity Fundraising Items and we do the rest.

Can Millionaire Gallery Attend and Assist Us with Our Charity Auction?
  • If our scheduling allows for it, we can personally attend and handle all aspects of your silent auction.  This includes doing all bid sheets, collecting on all auction sales, and answering any and all questions concerning our Charity Fundraising Items.

Is Millionaire Gallery willing to donate anything to our event?  It is very important to us that your charity does well at your event, we always donate an additional item to your event to help guarantee that you exceed your fundraising goals.







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